System Engineer Service

Contract development

HL Co., Ltd. has established a quality system to realize system integration that contributes to better lives of people and society, and strives to practice the “PDCA cycle” for continuous quality improvement. As a professional service provider of IT solutions, we provide speedy solutions that customers can trust and impress.

矢印アイコンAttendance management system
矢印アイコンProduction management system
矢印アイコンFinancial information system

Mobile application development

iPhone, iPad, Android application development.
矢印アイコンSmartphone (iPhone / Android)

Resident development

We introduce experienced engineers and work in a client company.
矢印アイコンIT infrastructure design and construction
矢印アイコンSoftware Development
矢印アイコンData Migration

Business application development

HL Corporation selects cost-performance servers, network devices, and systems, and builds an optimal network system using technology and multi-vendor capability to realize ECO (Green IT) through IT. We provide customers with added value of peace of mind by providing consistent services from operation to maintenance.
One-stop powerful backup of your business execution by on-site operation by resident SE.
矢印アイコンRespond quickly to customer inquiries
矢印アイコンRapid recovery from system problems
矢印アイコンProviding abundant technical capabilities such as security measures

 Technical field

HLWe introduce the technical fields that HL Corporation has mainly developed.
In addition, since we are constantly striving to acquire the latest technology, we can handle not only the following, but a wide range of technical fields.

OSWindows、 Linux、 UNIX、 iOS、 Android
DBOracle、 SQLserver、 PostqreSQL、 MySQL、 DB2
ToolsVisualStudio、Eclipse、WebSphere、Apache-Tomcat、Android Studio、Xcode