System engineer service

Entrusted development

We will build the optimal system for your operation by custom-made. Depending on the business use, it is possible to build an original system that links with smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. Please contact us from Excel macro creation, embedded software development, Web system development to smart device application development.

Examples of entrusted development project

  • Business system for manufacturing
  • Physical distribution/warehouse system
  • Portal site service
  • Railway related retrieval system
  • Personnel and labor management system
  • Pension benefit system
  • Asset management system
  • Insurance contract management system
  • Credit card management system
  • Enterprise system for distribution business
  • Personnel-salary system for food service industry
  • Digital signage for railway operator
  • System for automobile companies
  • Workflow system
  • System for life insurance companies
  • Member registration system
  • e-learning system
  • BtoB/BtoC EC system

We provide system development according to customer's request

Many development achievements

We have many development achievements in a wide range of fields over the past many years. We can use these experiences to meet various customer needs

Responding to various requests

We provide optimal solutions to customer worries and troubles

Operation and maintenance support

In order to maintain the normal operation of the system, we support system troubles.

Advantages of entrusted development service

In the case of entrusted development in our company, we have established a system that can promptly respond to the diverse needs of customers. We use the latest technology to provide efficient plans.

Focus on teamwork

Depending on the project, the teams work together, share the information, make the best performance through communication.

Regardless of the field

We can handle a wide range of applications including financial services, insurance, securities, manufacturing, retail and distribution. The scale of the projects we have experienced is different, so we can respond flexibly.

Wealth of work experience

We take pride in our wealth of work experience and high-level technical capabilities. We are confident that we can utilize these experiences to provide satisfactory services to our customers.

The flow of entrusted development



Please contact us by phone or inquiry form



Sales representative asks about problems and needs



We will make surveys and analyze the methods that can fulfill your request



We will propose a system according to your request



Please submit a contract or order form for individual contracts



We will design to realize the system from requirements definition



We will develop and test the system based on the design document.



We will deliver in the desired delivery form and operate the system in earnest