Smartphone application development service

Features of our unique smartphone application development

We will improve the effectiveness of the developed application by providing our own development regulation and globally recognized UI/UX.


Abundant development results

We are good at developing orders by programming according to the specifications from customers and delivering them. And we specialize in creating new business with our customers.


Quick with agile development

System development is often a big challenge for customers, and we may face the issues we have not been worked before.


Integrate new technology into existing system

There are often restrictions on budgets and delivery dates for system construction, we try to make the best results with limited resources.

Strong points of our unique smartphone application development

1.Abundant experience in smartphone application development and production

With extensive experience in developing applications that combine high operability, design, and functionality, and based on our accumulated know-how, we can undertake consistently from application planning to operation of applications and respond flexibly according to the situation.

2.Always catch the latest technology trends

With the development of advanced technology, DEHA always pays attention to various new technologies, keeps up with the evolution iOS and Android development, catches up the latest trend, and proposes after technical verification.

3.Outstanding team performance

HL considers not only companies that introduce systems but also companies that develop systems together as important business partners. we will maximize the performance as a team by building a system with engineers of business partners with different fields of expertise depending on the size and skills of the project. As a result, the project can be successful.

A necessary thing towards mobile application development

1.Planning: Express our enthusiasm to you

The specifications and design of the application are written in detail in the business proposal, in many cases, we ask the professional in that way for the mechanism and UI that make the content and the app interesting.

2.Requirement definition: Summarize the detail

An important phase in deciding "what to make". Satisfying the items set here is the criterion for determining whether the product can be delivered. Be sure to keep a record of all the decisions made in the requirement definition in a text-based format.

3.External design: Discuss in anytime

External design, such as wireframes and designs, is the phase in which the deliverables are visible. Therefore, new ideas often come out, and opinions and requests often come out from senior-level person at this timing.

4.Internal design・Implementation: Be proactive in communication with others

Since the manufacturing company can proceed with the work based on the requirement definition and external design, internal design/implementation is a phase where progress and results are difficult to see.

5.Test: Ensure the budgets and periods

The test is a phase to verify whether the implemented artifacts operate correctly based on the test specifications. It is important to suppress bugs and avoid risks, but it is easy to cut budget and time because the finished product is already visible.

6.Delivery: Check both the product and document

When the test is completed without any trouble, it is finally delivered. It is necessary to check that the application is implemented according to the requirements and design, but also check the deliverables of each phase.