May 2013 Established in Izu-Nagaoka
May 2013 Paid-in capital 5 million yen
Jul 2013 Headquarters moved to SHINBASHI
May 2014 Obtained license for SPECIFIC DISPATCHING Worker Dispatching Undertakings
Jan 2015 Headquarters moved to kawasaki
Mar 2015 Increased capital to 9 million yen
Oct 2015 Increased capital to 20 million yen
Aug 2016 Capital to 35 million yen
Jan 2017 Capital to 48 million yen
Apr 2017 JEC-Nursery established in kawasaki
Jun 2018 Search Engine
Sept 2018 Obtained license for General Worker Dispatching Undertakings following enactment of the Temporary Staffing Law.
Dec 2018 Increased capital to 51 million yen
Jul 2019 Increased capital to 60 million yen
Aug 2019 Obtained Privacy Mark certification
Sep 2019 Osaka office established
Dec 2019 Increased capital to 70 million yen